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Debit Card

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Make purchases quickly and easily with a MPCU MasterCard Debit Card!

Now you can have a single card for shopping and getting cash, a MasterCard Debit Card from My Personal Credit Union.  Because it's really an ATM Card and a Debit Card all-in-one, it can save you time and money.  It's the ultimate in convenience.

Save time...we have more ATMs than banks.

  • Make purchases quickly and easily...without the hassles of writing a check. The amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your MPCU Checking Account. Use it worldwide at restaurants, stores, gas stations, supermarkets and more...wherever MasterCard is accepted! Every purchase is as simple as using a credit card. So it's much faster than writing a check, waiting for its approval, and producing additional identification.
  • Get cash at over 529,000 MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide. You can also make deposits, check account balances and transfer funds 24 hours a day.
  • Buy on-line or by phone without having to use a credit card.
  • Make purchases where checks often aren't accepted, like some restaurants.

Save money with over 30,000 surcharge-free Co-op Network ATMs (that's more than the big banks).

  • Free signature based purchases. When the merchant asks you "debit or credit", say "credit" and the transaction will be free of charge (see application for complete fee schedule).
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to ATMs and ATM surcharges by getting cash back when you make debit (pin based) purchases at many merchants.
  • Save on check printing costs and credit card finance charges
  • Take advantage of cash back offers from your favorite retailers in Online Banking. 

Easy to track purchases.
Every transaction and ATM withdrawal will appear on your monthly statement, including the date, place and amount-an easy way to track spending and a key benefit over cash.

Secure and Safe.
You'll be assigned a personal identification number (PIN) for added security against someone making transactions without your consent. The MasterCard Debit Card's cash back feature will also allow you to carry less cash, and you won't have to carry that bulky checkbook. If you were to lose your card, one easy phone call will prevent loss of money, replace your card and limit your liability.

To activate your MasterCard Debit Card, you must be signed up for our 24-hour phone teller service, Access 24. So sign up for both of these great services at the same time, and you won't believe how much easier your life can be. Stop by or call for your application today, or apply here.

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A great way to find nearby surcharge-free ATMs...your credit union's new app!
Make your finances as handy as your phone.  Get our new My Personal Credit Union app at the iTunes App Store (iPhones) or Google Play Store (Android phones).  Simply search "My Personal Credit Union."  Have questions or need assistance?  We're here for you.

Transfer funds between your accounts
View your account information
Deposit checks
Find nearby ATMs
Pay your bills
See your rewards options

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Other easy ways to find nearby surcharge-free Co-op Network ATMs:

Visit (You'll find an Online Locator, an iPHONE APP and a GPS option, allowing you to download the 30,000 locations, so you'll always be able to find the nearest one.)
Text message your location (an address, intersection or zip code) to 692667 (MYCOOP)

MPCU ATM Locations

Member Rewards Overview With Possible Debit Card Fees

Current Fee Schedule

Avoid embarrassing denied transactions.  A new law requires you to tell us if you want us to continue to pay any overdrafts on your ATM and Debit Card transactions.  No Bounce Overdraft Protection acts as a safety net, providing you with emergency funds.  Click here for more information about this helpful service.  No Bounce Overdraft Protection Opt In Form


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